Monday, 22 September 2014

Dr. Drill Sergeant

As part of my fitness fight (fitness journey sounds lovely, but I like to keep it real) I've signed up for a Zumba class starting in October. The gym makes you submit a medical certificate before you join any class (maybe it's a French thing?) so I went to my doctor today for a check up.
I've been going to this doctor for a couple years now, and I'm really glad I found her because I feel completely at ease with her, which for me is reeeaaallly important. And it's not about her being a woman either. She just has the right balance of kindness and professionalism. Once I went to a very cheerful, gentle male doctor, but he was so jolly and laid back that I didn't feel I could take him seriously. I imagined  him as the kind of doctor who after breaking some horrible news to his patient, would try to cheer them up with a knock-knock joke. Or, even worse, use the joke to deliver the prognosis:

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Dead who?
Dead you. In 6 months.


So anyway it was just a regular check up to confirm that my health was no obstacle to my physical activity. The doc checked my blood pressure (120/70) listened to my heartbeat (Parfait, she said), and then she asked me to drop and give her 30 squats! 
Oui, trente. And afterwards I'll check your heart rate again.

After 20 squats I was almost panting and thought maybe I should just come to her office for a workout every week instead! I didn't feel like I was dying or anything, but I guess I was more caught off guard than anything else. In any case, I passed her fitness test with flying colours, and I'll be able to add Zumba to my fitness routine starting mid-October. 

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